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Making Your Club Shine

Kapoor & Kapoor specializes in helping city and country clubs, university clubs, athletic and yacht clubs, as well as corporate and developer-owned operations, maximize their organizational goals. Working directly with the General Manager/Chief Operating Officer and Board Members, Kapoor & Kapoor will focus on:
  • Strategic planning and business plan development
  • Operational analysis of revenues and cash flow
  • Increasing effective board and committee relations
  • Updating club policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements
  • Team building through CPR – Compensation, Participation and Recognition©
  • Reducing and controlling expenses with effective cost control systems
  • Improving your clubs’ product, services, and workplace using Performancemax™
  • Providing human resource management and employee relations services
  • Maximizing food & beverage operations
  • Assisting in public relations and crisis management
Strategic Planning. Strategic PlanninProvide a blueprint to sharpen a club’s focus on serving its members. Strategic planning defines not only a club’s values, mission, and vision, but becomes the centerpiece for structuring a business plan upon which officers, boards, committees and club management rely to improve and maximize decision-making and resource utilization.

Business Plans & Financial Analysis. Through use of information gathered from previous studies, a comprehensive Business Plan is built in support of your club, your market, your organizational team, and your financial needs and objectives. Review of market analyses; management and membership structure; financing strategies; and capital cost projections.

Membership Surveys, Data Collection and Research. Information gathered from targeted membership surveys is used to develop key operating assumptions and strategies.  [Top]
Operational Audits. Operational Audits Provide clubs with an objective review of all management and operational functions. By undertaking an independent examination of marketing strategies, personnel policies, management philosophies and accounting procedures, a club manager will be provided with reliable benchmarks for future performance. The audit process provides recommendations, modifications, updating, and reengineering strategies as needed.

General Management Services. Through mentoring, club managers will refocus and redirect marketing and membership drives; facilitate board orientations and committee transitions; and identify and train new management talent. Service in an advisory role to Boards and General Managers in those areas where identifying, evaluating, and integrating new organizational strategies and approaches are needed.  [Top]
Operational Services. Operational Audits Provide a full range of management assistance to clubs in the areas of Club House Operation; Sales and Marketing; Computerized/Internet Reservation Systems; Food and Beverage Operations; Cost Control Strategies; Restaurant & Bar Design; Kitchen Management; Human Resource Training & Development; and Public Relations/ Crisis Management Planning.

Systems Development and Standard Operating Procedures Training. Customization of procedures for maximum effectiveness in the club environment, with emphasis on expanding excellence in customer service, employee communication and financial accountability.  [Top]
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