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Kapoor & Kapoor specializes in helping small to mid-sized restaurant companies, independently owned restaurants, and multi-unit operations achieve their operational goals through:
  • Strategic planning and business plan development
  • Operational analysis of revenues, profitability, and cash flow
  • Generating marketing and sales strategies for specific markets
  • Team building through CPR – Compensation, Participation and Recognition©
  • Reducing and controlling expenses, with effective cost control systems
  • Improving products, services, and workplace using our Performancemax™ system
  • Conducting and assessing feasibility studies
  • Design, acquisition, conversion, and opening of restaurants
  • Providing internet-accessible reservations systems
Operational Audits. Strategic PlanninAn objective review of your organization’s management and operational functions, including marketing strategies, personnel policies, management philosophies, and accounting procedures to improve cost efficiencies, service effectiveness and profitability.

Systems Development and Standard Operating Procedures Training. Evaluation of systems and procedures for maximum effectiveness in restaurant operations, with emphasis on expanding excellence in customer service, employee communication and financial accountability. Standardization of systems and customized training is available.  [Top]
Operational Services. Operational AuditsA complete range of operational assistance to restaurant operators, including Front and Back of the House Operations; Sales and Marketing; Computerized Reservation Systems; Beverage Operations; Cost Control Strategies; Restaurant & Bar Design; Kitchen Management; Menu Analysis and Design; Human Resource Training & Development; and Pre/Post Opening Planning.

General Management. Complete restaurant management teams provided on short or long-term contract basis. Owners provided with the services required for sale and divestiture as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic Planning. Provide a blueprint designed to establish or revise a restaurant’s mission, vision, and values. Evaluation of strategic options for organizational restructuring in order to implement goals, objectives and action plans. Creation of a structured business plan to improve and maximize decision-making and resource utilization.  [Top]
Business Plan Development. Through use of information gathered from previous studies and existing strategic planning processes, a new comprehensive plan is customized to your restaurant, your market, your organizational team, and your financial needs and objectives. Review of market analyses, management and organizational structure, financing strategies, and capital cost projections.

Market & Feasibility Studies. Operational AuditsForecast of projected demand for new or renovated restaurant operations or services. This may include a competitive analysis, evaluation of expected financial performance, and a forecast of anticipated financial returns.

Financial Analysis. Projection of future operating results and cash flows for investment decisions. Analysis of potential break-even points and a sensitivity analysis of key cost variables to forecast changes in profits resulting from operating cost fluctuations.  [Top]
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