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Getting Back to Business: The Power of Incentives – Performance Based Incentives (PBI)

For current and future employees, incentives can be a very effective tool to drive performance. Attend to better understand how to develop and implement sustainable “Performance Based Incentives” for the entire organization.

Getting Back to Business: Strategies for Optimizing your Organization – Compensation, Participation, and Recognition (CPR)

With unemployment at record levels, there are more eligible candidates available in the hiring pool. Join us to understand how a hotelier can become the “employer of choice” in their marketplace by providing shared governance, associate empowerment, a culture of recognition, and competitive compensation which includes wages, benefits, and incentives.

Getting Back to Business: The Power of Performance – Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Getting back to business sometimes means getting back to the basics. In this webinar we will discuss proven performance management processes defined by key performance indicators for hotels. Gain an understanding of incorporating the fundamental principles of goal setting, accountability, and feedback.

Getting Back to Business: Success Strategies Part 1 – Service Through High Tech & Low Touch

The hospitality industry takes pride in taking care of the guest through exceptional service. Updated procedures involving social distancing, PPE, sanitization, frequent hand washing etc. have flipped the traditional perception of guest service upside down. Join to learn about inexpensive cost-saving technology that can help you keep up or even get ahead of guests’ evolving expectations.

Getting Back to Business: Success Strategies Part 2 – Increase Productivity with Cross Functionality

Many hotels have had to drastically downsize staffing to counter the lack of demand and loss of revenue. This has resulted in staff taking on responsibilities well beyond their job titles. Has the time come to revamp the old job descriptions? How can you increase your team’s productivity and efficiency? Attend to hear the answers to these questions and learn more about the benefits of training staff for cross-functionality.

Getting Back to Business: Success Strategies Part 3 – Building and Revising Budgets in an Evolving Market

What comes to mind when you hear the term “budget?” I hear: dynamic, organic and real-time financial management. The pandemic has forced businesses everywhere to revisit their 2020 and future budgets. Come join us to learn more about how to best update your current and future budgets while in a fluctuating market. Gain an understanding of how frequently you should revisit your budget and other factors to take into consideration.




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